title2After a long night out on the town at different parties I had to wake up early to head across the street for my meeting with Rosewill. Their Marketing Manager met me at the door and we were off and running. I am pretty sure that everyone has heard the name Rosewill but I think you'll be surprised on thee amount of different products that they have. Read on to see what new and up and coming with Rosewill in 2012.

Written By: Skyler

Pictures By: Skyler

Starting out with their cases Chinny introduced me to their line of cases. The THOR series really caught my eye. Not only does it have great looks but it comes in black and white and with USB 3.0 connectivity I am sure you'll be eyeing this case for your next build.


Moving around their suite we walked over to a small table and I was eyeing this 4 port USB 3.0 hub. With more and more USB 3.0 devices hitting the market you may not have enough plugs for all of them. This is a simple device and it looks great too.


The notebook coolers were next on the list. What I liked most about these was how the fan is configured. The cable for the fan it tucked away nice and neatly. The USB hub in the back is screwed into the aluminum housing so it's not gonna move. There is only one fan but it's 200mm. Big fan, spinning at slow speeds really helps cut down on the noise.


Lastly she showed me some of the travel kit's that they have available. This are just perfect when your traveling and don't want or need to have a big mouse shoved in your bag. Just pack this and you'll be set.


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Rosewill anyone?

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