playseattitleI couldn’t visit CES without dropping by the Playseat’s booth to drool over their products and to see if they had anything new or upcoming to offer. I know Cory fell in love with the PlaySeat office chair that I have been drooling over for two years now. With it available now the real question is who will be the first to get one! I did track down Justin, our friend at Playseats and he was able to give me a quick look at a few more things.

Playseat’s have been known for their kick ass racing simulation seats that are both of the highest quality and still coming in at a price that is affordable. When they told me they were teasing an F1 model I wasn’t really sure what to expect but after seeing the seat they will be using I am very excited. The seat (pictures below) will position you just like in an F1 car with your feet up higher than your butt. When its done it should be the perfect addition to any F1 fans game room.


Of course Alex jumped at the chance to get off of her feet to try out their office chair and I couldn’t get her out of the chair when it was time to go. After seeing variations of this chair at the last two CES’s I couldn’t help but touch on it one last time now that it is finally available for sale. Of course the cost is up there but you are getting nothing but the best.


You can also expect to see more deals with race teams for driver specific racing seats along with a seat made specifically for Gran Turismo 5, I didn’t get a photo but they did have one on display and I can tell you that it looked amazing. You can get a better look by visiting its page HERE.


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cytog64 replied the topic: #13324 12 Jan 2011 05:49
I really want an emperor chair...but would need to sell my car to buy it....

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