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Building document process automation solutions just got easier for Connectis Group

ISLANDIA, NY -- Oct 13, 2011-- MaxxVault LLC specializes in enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) which provide enhanced document security, cost reductions through improved efficiency and tools to ensure regulatory compliance. For over 25 years, Connectis Group has provided I.T. Professional Services and technologies to help companies choked with large volumes of documents, faxes, forms, invoices, purchase orders, databases and complex processes. MaxxVault LLC is pleased to announce that Connectis Group has become a MaxxVault reseller, adding the complete MaxxVault suite of Document Management products to their solution set.

MaxxVault has been designed to dramatically simplify the complexity of managing large document volumes (whether they are of paper or electronic origin), by gathering them all into one central repository for easy access. Documents can be stored into MaxxVault directly from Fujitsu and Kodak scanners or in combination with other solutions which automate both the capture and indexing. "Connectis Group clients using RightFax solutions to capture faxes electronically, or using products like TeleForm, FlexiCapture, docAlpha, or SimpleCapture can now combine these solutions with MaxxVault for document workflow routing and archiving," said Walter Miller, VP Sales for MaxxVault LLC. The MaxxVault EDMS can accept documents from capture products and, based on the index information in the accompanying XML tags, assign the documents to the appropriate folder or workflow. Filed instantly and accurately, documents are right where they need to be when required.

"I was impressed with how much capability MaxxVault conceals beneath a very friendly administration and user interface," said Alan Nusbaum, Project Manager at Connectis Group. "The user interface can be configured to both simplify and control the user experience, allowing for efficient work while ensuring the security and integrity of the documents." MaxxVault also makes it possible to quickly access the repository from other applications. Outlook users can search for documents and attach them to emails without leaving Outlook. Thanks to MaxxVault's powerful integration capabilities, people working in their business applications such as Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics GP, SigmaCare, Quickbooks, etc. can instantly call up supporting documentation. Mr. Nusbaum added: "While the efficiency improvements MaxxVault will provide to my clients can't be understated, the records management and auditing capabilities are equally important for protecting and enhancing the bottom line."

"Connectis Group is a Canadian leader in providing business process efficiencies," said Bruce Malyon, CEO of MaxxVault LLC. "The solutions they build for some of the most recognized businesses and organizations across Canada are at once ingenious and elegant. The experienced team of engineers at Connectis shares the same goals as MaxxVault, and that is to dramatically simplify business operations through well planned and executed technology. We are honoured to be working with them and look forward to a bright future together."

About Connectis Group

Connectis provides professional services and technologies to assist companies that have complex processes choked with large volumes of documents, databases, invoices, purchase orders, forms and faxes. The Connectis experts analyze cumbersome business process and workflows, replacing them with automation strategies that enable business to run more efficiently and with a lower total cost of operation. A trusted partner to some of the best known companies in Canada since 1985, Connectis reduces business transactional costs and increases shareholder value.

For more information about Connectis Group visit:

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