The box for the Sapphire 7900 XT Pulse is surprisingly bright and a drastic change from the standard look that most cards seem to have. The front has a bright blue background with a few additional blue designs and then a grey stripe across it. Up top is a black bar with the Sapphire branding and the bottom has the 20GB VRAM capacity in the corner along with a bar leading to the standard AMD wrap around which has the bright red background and the 7900 XT model name. Beyond that, there is a sticker letting us know that this is overclocked then a zig-zag line leading to the Sapphire Pulse branding. The only thing missing here for me would be a nice picture of the card itself which is always nice to have on the front when shopping in retail. Around back they change it up to a bright white background other than the red for the rest of the AMD wrap-around. The blue touches are there but there really isn’t anything going on back here other than a system spec listing and for the product specs they only tell you the display outputs. The box has no picture of the card, no dimensions, clock speeds, or other information. Sadly if shopping in retail you are going to have to google more information because overall the box isn’t giving you anything.

image 4

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When you open things up the outside packaging has a brown box inside for the main structure. That box has a thick layer of foam up top and then up under that you will find the card in its own cutout in the bottom half of the foam. It also comes wrapped in a static protective bag as well. On top of that is the documentation which you get a quick installation guide for the card and then a paper on the installation of the included support bracket. There is then a slot in the foam down at the bottom edge this has the support bracket inside. The bracket is a simple metal plate cut to attach to the top of three PCI brackets and then an adjustable slot for the padded mount that touches the card to help keep the strain off of the PCIe slot and to prevent sagging. Sapphire also includes three longer screws for this as well.

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In addition to the packaging, the 7900 XT Pulse does also come wrapped up in plastic for the fan shroud at least. I was also surprised that after taking that off that there were two more layers of plastic over top of the Sapphire branding as well.


image 9



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