The packaging for the 6650 XT Gaming X looks the same as the last few Gaming X cards we have had come in. The background is black with a touch of pink/purple from the lines across used to line up with the accent marks on the card. Then they have a large picture of the card that takes up most of the front of the box. This is huge because when you show in retail, being able to see exactly what you are buying is helpful and a lot of video cards don’t do this. MSI’s Gaming dragon logo is in the top left and then below the card they have the Gaming X branding keeping the branding simple and without it repeating at all. The bottom right has the red wrap around which has the AMD Radeon logo as well as the RX 6650 XT model name. Around on the back of the box, MSI has used the space to include another picture of the card and in the top half, they try to talk about a few of their features like their twin frozr 8 cooler, the torx fan 4.0, core pipe heatpipes, and how they control the airflow. The bottom half of the back just continues AMDs wrap around with the basic system requirements and AMD’s features along with an extremely basic specification listing. I would love to see these specs expanded on a little to include the card's clock speed and the card dimensions because those are two things if shopping in retail that would be important to be able to check.

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Inside the box, MSI has a thick cardboard tray filled with foam. This has the 6650 XT Gaming X wrapped in its static protective bag inside the foam. Then with a layer of foam above that as well. MSI has all of the documentation inside the MSI branded envelope. None of that is specific to this card. You get a user guide as well as a comic that shows how to install your video card using the MSI dragon. Then they have a rewards program card and a small card that shows MSI’s wide range of products.

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