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So the point of the new RX 6750 XT is to fill in a gap in the product lineup and to give a small bump in performance to cement the 6750 XT up above the RTX 3060 Ti and when it comes to gaming the Nitro+ RX 6750 XT does exactly that. There were a few exceptions like in compute performance and ray tracing, but I am liking where the Nitro+ RX 6750 XT sits performance-wise. You can throw anything you want at it at 1440p and expect it to perform well and when I averaged out the gaming results it fits in between the 3060 Ti and the 3070, leaning more towards the more expensive 3070. While 1080p is still the most popular resolution on the Steam surveys, 1440p has been growing in popularity and is still a nice sweet spot where you don’t have to throw down big money to get top level 4k gaming performance.

Sapphire did a great job with its update on the Nitro+ RX 6750 XT as well. It’s clear that with the higher clock speed they didn’t want to worry about things getting hot so the new card is larger than the Nitro+ RX 6700 XT that came before it. This helped a lot in our cooling performance testing and with that when running the stock fan profile the noise levels while under load were good as well. That’s even without the included “silent” BIOS on the BIOS switch that drops down to stock 6750 XT speeds. I like the styling of the card, Sapphire isn’t going too overboard with the “gamer” styling, the Nitro+ RX 6750 XT has a much cleaner look without being too bland. My biggest complaint there is that they have loaded the card up with their branding everywhere you look, every angle seems to have it not to mention the RGB lighting which lights up their logos on the top edge and the backplate. I completely understand why they want to get their branding out there, but I also don’t like my PC looking like times square.

The Nitro+ RX 6750 XT comes with an anti-sag bracket which is a nice addition and given the size of the card it could be necessary. They also have details like their easy to swap fans that can help cut down RMA costs and times for both the customer and Sapphire. Sapphire also slipped in an addressable RGB header on the back of the card for those who might need it.

As far as pricing goes, the RX 6750 XT according to AMD will start at $549 and the Nitro+ RX 6750 XT from Sapphire is set to have an MSRP of $619. When we go back to the performance numbers, the Nitro+ RX 6750 XT was running above the RTX 3060 Ti and behind the RTX 3070. The RTX 3060 Ti starts at $580 right now on Newegg and the RTX 3070 starts at $730 so the $619 price point is looking good in that comparison and any budget 6750 XT’s if they do end up at $549 are going to blow the RTX 3060 Ti pricing out of the water given the performance. AMD is also announcing their new “AMD RADEON RAISE THE GAME Bundle” which is going to bundle Saints Row and or other games to be announced later with their RX 6000 series of cards. Getting a card at or after the launch will get you the code, but it won't be redeemable until later which is when we will find out more about the games. Either way, the 6750 XT and the Nitro+ RX 6750 XT are looking like a great value even before any free games.


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