The packaging for the RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition sticks with Nvidia’s normal packaging for their Founders Edition cards. This means it has a black background with grey strips across the front of the box. Unlike the aftermarket cards, these don’t have to have the green wrap around so the packaging is ultra simple with the Nvidia logo in the top corner and the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti for the model name below that. Then around on the back they just have the system specification requirements, a list of what is included inside the box, and warranty information which is repeated in multiple languages. Beyond that, the back has the barcodes and of course all of the normal regulation logos. The box itself smaller than most aftermarket card boxes and Nvidia uses thick cardboard where other cards will come with a normal brown box with a printed box over top. This is just one box and you open it up by cutting the seals on the back.

image 11
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When you pull the top off, the top has firm foam on its underside that helps keep the card inside from moving around and keep it safe. Then you are greeted by the RTX 3080 Ti right up on top. They have it flipped around like it would be installed in a case so you can read the branding on the backplate and the top edge branding. The card also doesn’t come wrapped in a static protective box at all and doesn’t have any plastic on the card so you get the full experience when you open things up.

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When you pull the card out of the custom fit foam you have a thin layer of foam under the card then a box you can pull out. This has the quick start guide, a support guide, and a warning about using the included power adapter cable or you could void your warranty. Then you also have the cable they mentioned. For this generation Nvidia has introduced a new 12 pin plug that is more compact than past PCIe power cables and supports more power, this cable adapts your dual 8-pin cables down to the 12-pin to power everything until power supplies start coming with the new cable (hopefully). The adapter is all black and the wires are sleeved as well.

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