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Like I mentioned at the start, white hardware used to be extremely rare but we are slowly starting to see more and more companies jump in with options and I’m loving it. I love an all-white build just as much as a murdered-out black build and I have to say that Zotac went all out with making the 3060 AMP White Edition as white as possible at least on the outside. The fan shroud and backplate wrap around and cover up almost all of the card and they have dual bright white fans as well. The combination looks great. The only nitpicks I could have about the styling of the card would come down to the fan stickers in the center being a little yellow compared to just how bright white the rest of the card is and the fact that the card ends up looking a little out of proportion with how tall it is compared to how long it is. Normally the big cards are equally as long, but this one with the dual fan doesn’t need the extra length.

In my testing the 3060 AMP White Edition, which has a bigger overclocked than any of the other RTX 3060’s that we have tested, outperformed all of the other RTX 3060’s tested in nearly every test. This translated a 1 to 2 FPS gain across the board in the gaming performance as well. The 3060 AMP White Edition was also surprisingly good in the noise department being one of the quietest cards tested with the fans cranked up and the second quietest 3060 we have tested when under load. The MSI Gaming X Trio being the quietest with it having a giant RTX 3090 cooler on it. The cooling performance was solid as well. Even the 3060 AMP White Edition’s power usage, with its overclock, was lower than some of the other RTX 3060s. It was well rounded.

The only other complaint I had about the Zotac RTX 3060 AMP White Edition was the accessibility of its power connections. The tall design combined with very little width made those connections hard to get in and deal with the typical 6+2 power cable. My other complaint is of course completely out of Zotac’s control with the availability of cards being nearly impossible and prices both from retailers and in the second hand market being absolutely ludicrous. It’s so crazy that at this point I can’t even find the MSRP for the 3060 AMP White Edition currently. Overall though, this would be a great card to aim for when on the hunt for an RTX 3060, just for its performance and especially if you are doing a white build!


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