Synthetic Benchmarks

As always I like to start my testing with a few synthetic benchmarks. 3DMark especially is one of my favorites because it is very optimized in both Nvidia and AMD drivers. It's nice to not have to worry about it being favored too much either way and the repeatability of the results makes it a nice chance to compare from card to card, especially when comparing with the same GPU. In this case, though I am curious to see how the 3060 AMP compares against the other RTX 3060’s that I’ve tested in the past, especially with it having a bigger overclock than the other cards but cards like the MSI 3060 Trio with a huge cooler may be able to make up the clock difference with more consistent cooling. We will see though.

The first round of tests were done in the older Fire Strike benchmark which is a DX11 test. There are three detail levels, performance, extreme, and ultra. The 3060 AMP White Edition came in a little ahead of the other 3060’s in all three of the Fire Strike benchmarks which was enough to jump out ahead of the RTX 2060 Super FE as well.


The next two were both based on the Time Spy benchmark. One is the standard test and then there is the extreme detail level. The newer Nvidia cards handle Time Spy better and you can see that with the 3060 AMP White Edition sitting higher up in the charts in both of these compared to the Fire Strike tests. The 3060 AMP White Edition was once again out ahead of the other 3060’s by a small amount and this was enough to pass the RX 5700 XT and the RTX 2070 FE and even get up close to the GTX 1080 Ti in the Time Spy Extreme test.


I did also run 3DMark Port Royal on the 3060 AMP White Edition even though I didn’t do our full RTX/DLSS test suite. It was of course out ahead of the other RTX 3060’s and the overclocked 2060 SUPERs as well but the margin between it and the next step up with the 6700XT and 2070 SUPER is still large.


The last test was using the Unigine based Superposition benchmark and I tested at 1080p with medium detail and again at 1080p with the extreme detail setting. In the extreme detail setting the 3060 AMP White Edition was once again out ahead of the other 3060’s in the extreme detail test putting it in with the 5700XT and the 2060 SUPER which are older cards. The medium detail results were again ahead of the other RTX 3060’s but not as good as the cards the 3060 AMP White Edition was running with on the extreme detail setting.



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