For the RTX 3060, AMP White Edition Zotac didn’t just stick with their normal packaging, they did deck it out with a new white background to match. Then the front of the box has two pictures of the card floating in the middle that show the front and back of the card as well as the lighting. Then down on the bottom left they highlight a few of their features with icons before you get to the normal green wrap around in the bottom right corner that has the GPU model name and NVidia’s branding. Around on the back, you can finally see some of the Zotac yellow popping up with the feature list. They have two more pictures of the card back here and they highlight the same features from the front but now with very short descriptions to let you know what they are. Overall I like that the packaging stands out to show that this is a white edition card and I love that Zotac has actual pictures of the card all over the outside so you know what you are buying. The only thing missing here for retail shoppers is a specification listing that gets you the display connections, the card dimensions, and the card's clock speed because those are all important when comparing from card to card. Obviously online shopping you get that information, but in a retail store looking at the packaging you don’t.

image 5
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Inside of the outer box, you have a black box with the Zotac branding printed on it. When you open that up right up on top they have a cool holographic baggie that has a quick installation guide, a warning to get the latest drivers from Nvidia, a Zotac ad, and matching holographic Zotac Gaming stickers.

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Up under the documentation up on top, you will find the RTX 3060 AMP White Edition wrapped up in a bubble wrap static bag. This then is also sitting in a foam tray to double up on the protection with cutouts holding the card exactly in place as well as another cutout for the two power adapters included. They adapt two 6-pin PCI power plugs down to one 8-pin PCI power. I was surprised to even see these honestly, I haven’t really seen any cards including power adapters these days. But even when we did most companies were starting to move to have blacked-out adapters that don’t look as bad as the bright yellow here.

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