Well, you aren’t going to walk past the Nitro+ 6700XT without seeing it on the store shelves that is for sure. Sapphire covered the entire front of the box in bright yellow and orange with what kind of looks like a portal on the surface of the sun opening up with the Nitro+ logo in the middle. They have the full Notro+ logo up in the top corner as well and the Sapphire logo on the top left but both are smaller and not too in your face leaving you to see the background as well as the bright red AMD wrap around in the bottom right corner. The wraparound has the AMD branding and lets you know that this is an RX 6700 XT. Sapphire also has a few other details tucked away on the front of the box like the overclock sticker that lets you know this is the overclocked model and then they show that it is a PCIe 4.0 interface with 12GB of VRAM, designed for 1440p all with other icons

image 10

The back of the box has a lot less going on and is all black other than the other half of AMDs wrap around. They have a basic AMD feature list and they do at least tell you that there are three DisplayPort and 1 HDMI port. Sadly there isn’t a picture of what the card looks like or any other specifications that might be important when buying in retail like dimensions or the card's clock speed and power supply requirements. For all of that, you will need to check out the specifications online.

image 11

Inside the box, you have a foam panel covering everything. When you pull that off there is a foam tray that fills the inside box. It has a cutout for the card that keeps it from moving around and safe from any damage in shipping. On top of that, the card comes in a static protective bag that is also bubble wrap for additional protection. There aren’t any accessories included with the Nitro+ 6700XT but you do get some documentation which is hidden up under the card. You get an installation guide then a small piece of paper with the manufacture addresses on it.

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