XFX this generation has taken more of an EVGA styling for their packaging. Going with a vertical box which is unique and in my opinion, helps make the main branding more visible. Part of the reason for this is because the red wraparound down at the bottom doesn’t take up half of the box but it does still pack in the model name and next to it the ram size and resolution focus. But then up top, they can make the MERC 319 branding huge and behind that, they also have the Speedster Series in just an outlined font as well. Up top is the XFX logo which is much smaller than the model name. I would have preferred a picture of the card in the background of the front but they do at least have that on the back of the box from two different angles. The AMD wrap around continues down at the bottom and they have some information on AMDs RDNA 2 and gameplay which I think is all provided by AMD as well. I would love to see a specification listing that at least has the card dimensions and clock speed which are the two things you might need to know when shopping in retail along with maybe a listing/drawing/picture of the display outputs as well.

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Inside there is a second main box which is all blacked out and has the XFX logo on it. When you open it up there is an inch thick foam panel then under that, you have the card in its cutout tray in the bottom foam. It is wrapped in a plastic bag as well. On top of that XFX includes two small things for documentation. One is a user manual and the other is a warning that there isn’t a driver disc included with a link to where to download a driver.

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