Well while I don’t have any pictures comparing the size of the box for the Gaming X Trio to the EVGA 3060 XC Black, the size difference between the boxes was HUGE. This is the same size box that the higher-end 3080/3090’s would come in. I love that MSI includes a full picture of the card on the front of the box. They have it floating with lights glowing from the back. Beyond that, the front has the MSI gaming logo, not even the word MSI is on the front which is surprising. The bottom right corner has the wrap-around that Nvidia requires which gets you the RTX and 3060 branding. Above that MSI has the Gaming X Trio model name which has a touch of RGB glow to it as well. Around on the back, MSI has taken advantage of the space to add in another picture of the card, this time from the top edge to show the lighting. They also talk about a few of the key features like the Tri Frozr 2 cooler, its Torx Fan 4.0 fans, heatpipes, and airflow control. The bottom portion then has key features in the Nvidia wraparound along with a very basic specification listing that sadly doesn’t have the clock speed included or information people might need like the card dimensions.

image 5
image 6

Inside of the box, you have a tray that has everything inside with foam on top with an MSI branded envelope. This has all of the documentation inside. For documentation, you get an installation cartoon with the MSI dragon as well as a user guide. There is another installation guide as well as a registration card and a card with information on MSIs other products.

image 7
image 8

Under the top foam, the card comes wrapped in a static protective bag and then is placed in its formed cutout in the thick bottom foam. It even has foam to lock it in place on the PCI bracket end as well as the PCI slit edge. Under the card, the Gaming X Trio also comes with an accessory that also has its own cutout in the foam as well as plastic protection.

image 9

The Gaming X Trio comes with a full-length metal anti-sag bracket. This isn’t the first MSI card to have one, they have been including them with all of their highest-end cards. This Is a little toned down without any MSI branding on it but it is all metal and has a thick rubber pad on top. The mounting slots have a lot of adjustment as well which means this should work with other cards as well if for some reason you don’t need it on this specific card.

image 10
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