EVGA goes a completely different direction than others when it comes to their packaging. They have their packaging orientated vertically which I bet looks awesome in stores. They have a picture of the card inside on the front which I love, I would never buy something without knowing what I am getting. The box of course has the Nvidia green wrap around down at the bottom which shows that this is an RTX card and has the 3060 model name on the bottom stripe. Above that, they have the black branding which is EVGAs cut-down version as well as XC in huge letters next to the picture of the card. They also have the memory capacity up on the top edge as well which the RTX 3060 has 12 GBs of. Around on the back of the box, things are more generic with the exception of the model name up top. They have a feature list and QR code to link you to the EVGA Precision X1 software.

image 5
image 6

The RTX 3060 XC Black is a compact card so the box itself is surprisingly small, but in addition to that EVGA has most of the inside of the box packed with padding to keep the card safe. It comes with a small installation guide and a 20% off coupon for EVGAs XR1 capture device. Then the card comes wrapped up in a button wrap bag. Then inside of that is a thick black foam padding. THEN inside of that, the card comes in its static protective bag.

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