Along with changing up their naming completely once again, XFX also changed their packaging up as well. It does still have the same black background that they have used before. But like EVGA they flipped things to a vertical orientation. Down at the bottom, the red Radeon wrap around with the model name is still there. Next to that are matching red boxes that highlight the VRAM (which is 16GB) and that this is a PCIe 4.0 card. But above that, the black background takes over with a slight overlapping grid design on it. They have “Speedster Series” or well Speedster Seri in the background with red outlined letters. Then over that, they have MERC 319. Up top, they have all of that information in a small section with the XFX logo. So here is how the branding works out. The Speedster Series is their main series that covers all of the cards. The MERC stands for mercury which is XFX’s top in designation, the idea is to be able to have other categories later that could cover other areas like budget-focused for example. Then the 319 is the cooler designation. This cooler has three fans with the 1 and 9 being for the 100mm and 90mm fans used and the 1 is first because there are two 100mm fans vs the one 90mm. I would have loved to see a picture of the card itself on the front, but they did at least include pictures of the card on the back. Two that cover most of the angles of the card. They list off what you will find in the box but beyond that, the rest of the information is your generic Radeon info. I would love to see the card dimensions and the display connection listed here if nothing else so anyone shopping in retail will be able to know if it will work for them. Power connections/wattage requirements would be nice as well.

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Inside the box, the MERC 319 comes wrapped up in a thick plastic bag. On top of that XFX also ships it with coatings, you have to remove that cover the entire fan shroud and the backplate so it is well protected from scratches. As for bigger damage, it comes sitting in foam cut to fit it with another foam panel that sits on top. There aren’t any accessories or adapters included. So with the card, you get a paper warning to download the driver online and a book with warranty and installation instructions.

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