The packaging for the RTX 3080 SUPRIM X is a departure from the normal MSI packaging. For starters, the box is huge, it is significantly larger than our RTX 3080 Founders Edition which had a compact box. The white background catches your eye right away when most cards have black backgrounds and I love that MSI put a picture of the SUPRIM X right out in front covering most of the front of the box. The MSI gaming dragon logo is subtle with a silver//holographic finish. The same finish is on the model name which is a big easy to read font. Then below that, you have the normal black and green Nvidia wrap around which is where you also figure out what GPU is used here (3080). The white continues around on the back where there is another large picture of the card. MSI has a list of key features down at the bottom but the biggest features are up top where they have short descriptions on each.

image 9
image 10

The box opens up like a watch or jewelry box and MSI greats you right when you open it up with “Change the Game” as well as a card with the same quote. This points out that this is a new series of cards from MSI and talks about SUPRIM embracing prestige with appearance and capabilities. They also mention high-quality materials being used for things like a thicker copper core in the PCB, precision cuts in the aluminum on the outside, and robust power stages, and improved cooling.

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Under the SUPRIM card, they also have an envelope which comes with all of the card's documentation. They include one of MSIs cartoon installation guides which I love, a normal installation guide, a user guide, and a small card with a picture of the rest of the MSI gaming lineup.

image 13

One area where MSI has stepped things up over the last few years is with the accessories. On high-end cards, they help give that full experience and in this case, also let you show off your purchase with a large SUPRIM mouse pad which comes on top of everything in the box. When you pull that out of the way you can see the card comes wrapped up in a static protective bag and is safe in a thick foam tray with cutouts for everything. Under the card, MSI also includes a SUPRIM branded anti-sag pole. It is all metal in construction and also has the MSI gaming logo on it. The design has a foot for the bottom of your case that the pole screws into then the arm that has a thumbscrew to lock in place for a fully adjustable height depending on your case. A nice touch given the size of the SUPRIM 3080!

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