Like with the 2000 series, EVGA went with a unique vertical layout with their boxes which I have to imagine when on the shelves with other cards stands out (at least once they stay in stock long enough to do that). The box has a picture of the card standing up on the front although one of the fans is hidden. It has the standard Nvidia green wrap around down on the bottom with the GeForce RTX logo being huge and with the model number below it. The EVGA logo is up in the corner with the XC3 in another huge font down the side of the card and then black above the wrap around. The back of the box has a standard feature list as well as information on EVGA precision X1 software but the information I would love to see like the card dimensions and clock speed information is all missing for those whopping in retail.

image 5

image 6

Inside, the card itself comes with plastic on the fan shroud to protect it from any scratches. It then sits in this formed clear plastic clamshell tray. The clear plastic does at least let you get to see the card when you pull everything out. They also have a small installation guide included as well, but the cool EVGA poster is no longer included.

image 7

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