Being the first ASRock video card to come into the office also means I don’t have any past experience with the packaging. Our card is their Phantom Gaming model which is ASRock’s gaming brand and it has that big OC logo to show that it is overclocked as I already have shown in the previous section. It has the normal red wrap around which has the model name in it and AMDs branding. ASRock kept their branding small as well in the top right corner and then the Phantom Gaming branding covers almost the entire front with a black and grey background and a touch of red. I would really prefer a picture of the card here, I say this a lot but I feel like if you are shopping in retail at all it is important to be able to see what you are getting with a picture or a window. There is a small photo of the front and the back on the back of the box where they touch on a few features like the dual fan design, metal backplate, fan that stops during light workloads, and what they call Polychrome Sync which is their lighting control software. That one also notes that the lighting uses addressable LEDs. There is a specification listing and shockingly it actually has clock speeds listed which no other company does. They also tell you which display connections there are but they are missing the card dimensions which is the other important thing to be able to check when picking a card. 

image 5

image 6

Inside the box, the card comes wrapped up in the normal static protective bag. It then sits inside a thick foam tray. Then on top, there is another foam panel that helps cover every angle, this card isn’t going to get banged up in shipping unless they bend the box in two or run it over. There aren’t any accessories included or swag. You do get a small and basic installation guide which looks like it comes with all of their cards.

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