For the packaging on the RX 5500 XT Gaming X, it is mostly similar to what MSI has done in the past. They dropped the diamond print design and went with a full black background which I like and the front has a full picture of the video card. Every PC component should really have a product picture on the front, its crazy that a lot don’t so MSI is ahead of the game there for those buying in a retail store. Everything is rotated with the box being vertical, not horizontal like normal but it looks good. The red wrap around from AMD looks good on the black as well and that is where you get your model name, then the Gaming X logo is above that. The 8GB VRAM is important because the 5500 XT can also be found with 4GB and that is over on the left and really it could be a little larger and easier to see. The back of the box is where all of the good info can be found. MSI has three features that highlight an important feature like the backplate, the fans, and the Twin Frozr 7 cooler. They also have specifications, but only a basic amount. What is missing for me though are the card dimensions, clock speed, and a picture or drawing of the connection options. All three of those things are important when picking out a card.

image 4

image 5

Inside the box the card comes sunken down in its own foam bed, cut to the shape of the card. It is also wrapped in a static protective bad. On top of that was foam with an envelope that had all of the documentation. This includes a card that explains where to register the card. A universal user guide, an ad that shows off other MSI products, and then a cool comic book. The comic has the MSI Gaming dragon showing you how to upgrade your video card. The comic is cool, but beyond that, there isn’t anything special or important. No stickers or other swag as well. Just what you need and that’s it.

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