Now that we know a little more about the RX 5500 XT and before I check out the PowerColor RX 5500 XT Red Dragon lets take a quick look at what it comes in! The box is surprisingly small and while it has a black background there is a red/white smoke that covers most of the front with a huge Red Dragon logo in the middle. I like the logo but I would still prefer to see a picture of the card here for those whopping in retail to be able to know what is inside. The PowerColor logo is up top and then on the bottom right you have the AMD wrap around in red just like Nvidia does with the model name featured. Then in the bottom left corner, they have a badge that shows the 8GB memory for this card. This isn’t as visible as it maybe should be considering the RX 5500 XT is available in both 4GB and 8GB configurations.

image 22

Around on the back, there are pictures of 6 different features of the 5500 XT Red Dragon and they do at least give you a peek at the fans and the heatsink design but surprisingly there isn’t a full picture of the card to be found at all. Each picture includes a short description as well. Other than that everything else is legal fine print or a list of features specific to AMD cards, not to this card specifically. Good additions would be a specification listing that lets you know the clock speed, card dimensions, power plug needed, and the connection options you get. Those would all also help anyone buying in retail that doesn’t get the information that is available on a website listing.

image 23

Inside of the box, the Red Dragon comes wrapped up in a static protective bag and it sits in a cardboard tray. Because it is shorter they do have some foam wedged in at the end as well to keep it from moving around. Up under the tray, you will also find the documentation which is a basic quick installation guide. No other accessories are included or needed, the card and fresh drivers downloaded from the Nvidia website is all you need to get rolling.

image 24

image 25


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