VR Benchmarks

As for Virtual Reality, I love it but it is more demanding than traditional gaming. This is partially because of the resolutions needed to render for two eyes and because they render more than what is immediately visible. But also because of post effects to get the proper “fisheye” effect for it to look proper in your eyes with the HMD. You also have to have much higher expectations for frame rates in VR, skipping frames or lower FPS can actually cause motion sickness in VR. Because of that, I ran a few tests.

My first test was again in Superposition. This time I tested the VR Maximum and VR Future tests using the Vive resolution. Like in the other Superposition test, the GTX 1650 SUPER is running right with the RX580 but now we have an FPS to quantify the gap between the GTX 1650 and the GTX 1650 SUPER. At the VR Max setting performance jumped up 14 FPS. I wouldn’t consider that to be great VR performance, but this test is more demanding than some of the simpler VR tests.


With VRMark I tested their Blue Room test and the Cyan Room test. Blue Room is a future-looking test that none of the cards reach the standards on but it is nice to see where things end up. Then Cyan Room is a look at current performance in the high detail VR games. All of the cards tested can handle most VR tasks today, so I’m only really looking at the high detail tests. So Blue Room the GTX 1650 SUPER came in actually ahead of the RX590 and 8 FPS higher than the original GTX 1650. But as you can see in Cyan Room it looks a little out of place with the graph sorted by the blue room results. That is because while the GTX 1650 SUPER Twin Fan did well, reaching well above the target frame rate (which the original 1650 didn’t) it came in behind both the RX590 and RX580. Overall, with the big jump in performance the GTX 1650 SUPER is now VR capable, but you may not want to throw the high detail games at it. Thankfully a lot of today's VR titles wouldn’t fall under that lol.



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