Now I always like to see a picture of the actual card on the front of the box, simply to help people who are shopping in retail. But I do like the crazy looking design on the front of the box for the GTX 1650 SUPER Twin Fan and at least it isn’t a weird eye like a few other companies have done. The Zotac branding is up in the top left corner and then you have the Nvidia wrap around on the bottom right but it looks a little weird with the bottom bar being split from the rest. That is where you will find the GPU model name. Oddly enough I don’t actually see the card name other than that on the front. Just an icon for the 4GB of memory, one for the extended warranty which is 3 years if you register, and one for the Fire Storm utility that Zotac uses to control fans, clock speeds, and if the card has lighting it controls that as well. Now around on the back, there is a picture of the card and they do mention the cards size and the Firestorm software. There is also a basic specification listing but none of the important information that sets cards apart from each other like clock speeds, card dimensions are listed so they don’t help much.

image 5

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Inside everything comes in a cardboard tray formed to hold on to the card. The card then comes in a static protective bag with bubble wrap built-in. Then there is an envelope on top with the Zotac Gaming logo. Inside you get a quick installation guide, a paper telling you to get drivers from Nvidia, and a small add for Zotac’s other products. Big props for sending people directly to Nvidia, too many companies tell people to get their drivers off their own website where you have an additional middleman and the potential for drivers to not be up to date as well.

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