The box for the Thicc III didn’t change too much from the Thicc II. They still have the black background and the red wrap-around with a fade to orange with the RX 5700 XT branding. But over on the right side everything is different. The model name up top has the new model name and below that is a new photo of the card. I just have to point out that I like that they actually have a picture of the card inside of the box right on the front, this should always be the case but it doesn’t happen that often. They also mention the number of display connections down below the picture. Now on the back nothing at all is different. All of the features highlighted are specific to RDNA and AMD, not the Thicc III. I think XFX is missing a chance to highlight things specific to them on the back. I would also like to see at least a few specifications mentioned back here like the card dimensions and clock speeds if possible as well. If shopping in retail, those are things you would need to know to help decide between cards on the shelf.

image 5

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Inside, once you take the printed box off there is the main cardboard box. XFX uses a thick piece of foam up on top to keep the card safe and then the rest of the box is cardboard including the area cut to fit the card itself. The card comes in a static protective bag and completely decked out with plastic covering all of the fan shroud, fan centers, and the backplate and it can be a pain to take off. Then for documentation you get a warranty card that has your serial number on it and information on how to contact support. This is a lot easier than having to pull your card out to get that information if something goes wrong. There is also a paper explaining that no driver disc comes with the card and that you should download the driver from XFX. I personally would recommend getting the latest right from AMD though, no need to add a middle man. I included a picture of the Thicc III with the packaging behind it because I just have to point out how it doesn’t even look like it could come out of this box. XFX is really pushing the limits of their box size with this card as you can see with the inside of the box picture. The card is well protected, but on the ends there isn’t any room for extra protection so if it gets damaged it will be from that.

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