So the Thicc II comes in a blacked-out box like previous XFX cards and I love that the front of the box has a photo of the card itself. A larger photo would be nice, but I’m glad they went the direction of a product image over pointless artwork. The Thicc II branding is up above the photo and XFX also has their new logo in the top left. The Radeon RX5700 XT model name is on the wrap-around which AMD now does as well. The wrap-around does have an interesting fade from red to orange as well. Then below that they have a few key features like the 4th gen PCIe and the cards 8GB memory as well as a note showing it is a 7nm card and Freesync 2 HDR is supported. A round on the back some of the AMD specific features are highlighted with photos and they talk about RDNA. Nothing on the back of the box is XFX or this card specific. I would love to see some information on the cooler, the design, anything and photos of card details to go with those. 

image 5

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Inside you have a cardboard box with the old XFX logo stamped into it. This has yet another box on top where they put all of the documentation and accessories. The top box also helps protect the card. Under that, the card comes wrapped up in a static protective bag and sitting in a cutout cardboard tray. I love the use of cardboard for most of this over plastic. You do see a little foam being used as well on the left.

image 7

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image 11

When you pull the Thicc II out of the box and out of its static protective bag. Be ready to pull a lot of protective stickers off as well. The entire cooler and backplate are covered in them. That includes on the fans as well. There is even a second layer of sticker on the XFX logo as well.

image 12

As for documentation and accessories. You get an installation guide and a paper warning you that there isn’t a driver disc included and with information on where to get it from XFX or AMD. I would highly recommend going directly with AMD for the most up to date driver. They also include two different types of PCIe power adapters. One is a dual Molex to 6-pin power adapter. The other is two 6-pin PCIe to one 8-pin, together XFX is making sure you have options on the off chance your PSU doesn’t have the correct connections. That said, if you are missing the connections for one video card I would highly recommend avoiding adapters like this and going with a new power supply. Adapters could have you end up pulling to much power from a PSU that wasn’t designed for this type of load. I do like that they are both all blacked out though!

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