Asus always gets colorful with their Strix products and the RX 5700 wasn’t any different. The box has the ROG logo in the background bright with neon-like colors. In front of that, they do have a picture of the card itself sitting up under the Strix and ROG branding. AMD has the same wrap around now that Nvidia has done forever, so you have a red stripe on the bottom right corner that has the GPU model name and a few features of the RX 5700 like Freesync 2 HDR and pointing out it is all built at 7 nm. Next to that Asus has their own feature list including the Aura Sync logo showing this card has their RGB lighting, an OC logo showing the card is overclocked, and then confirmation that this is an 8GB card (not that there is another option).

image 4

Around on the back, Asus finally jumps into showing more detail on the RX 5700 Strix. They have a line drawing of the PCI bracket end of the card that shows all of the display connection options. This goes with the minimum system specifications and a product specifications listing that is also on the back. The only thing missing is showing at least the card dimensions so no one ends up buying the card when it won’t fit in their PC. From there the back has six different pictures that show a little more detail on what sets the Strix apart. This includes the maxcontact technology for the heatspreader on the GPU, the axial tech fans, dual BIOS, automated manufacturing process that increases reliability, Aura Sync lighting, and Asus’s software suite.

image 5

Once we pull the outer packaging off, there is a black box inside with the Strix logo up on top. This opens up to foam on top with an envelope cut into the foam that has the documentation inside. Under that, the RX 5700 Strix comes wrapped up in its static protective bag and sitting in a cutout area in the foam packaging that keeps it secure and safe. There is also a small cut in the foam below the card for accessories.

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image 7

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For documentation, you get a card with a thank you and instructions on where you can download software and drivers in place of the standard CD that normally comes with cards. Then there is a book that has installation and setup instructions. Then for accessories Asus just included a bag of ROG branded Velcro straps.

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