Having had a few different Gigabyte video cards in the office recently the RTX 2070 SUPER Gaming OC 8G doesn’t really stand out at all as far as its packaging goes. It has the same mechanical eye on the front that they have all had. This still reminds me a little too much of the old Asus Strix owl eye and I would prefer the box had a picture of the video card across the front personally. The Gigabyte branding is in the top left corner and it has the standard Nvidia wrap around on the bottom right corner. The wrap-around has the model name and wraps all the way around to the back with that green that keeps all Nvidia video card boxes consistent. The bottom left corner has a little more info though. This is where Gigabyte put the actual card model and below that they have icons that show the cards main features ( RGB lighting, Windforce cooling, being overclocked, and a 4-year warranty). Around on the back of the box, we finally have actual photos of the card but none of them are just a clear picture of the card. They break down some of the features with photos to show things like the lighting, the backplate, how Windforce cooling works, and the copper heatpipes that have direct GPU contact. There is also a line drawing which shows the cards display connection options. I do wish they had a specification list that at least had the card dimensions on it.

image 4

image 5

Inside the box, there is a second thicker box. This has a third box sitting up on top where Gigabyte put the documents. Below that is foam cut to perfectly fit the Gaming OC. The card also comes wrapped up in a static protective bag as well. For documents, you get a simple quick guide and a registration card for Aorus Care which is a 4-year warranty. There is also a software/driver disc but I would still recommend downloading the most up to date driver from Nvidia and the most up to date software off the Gigabyte website but if you need the driver right away you at least have the disc.

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