No changes at all with the packaging if you have seen the Founders Edition box for the original RTX launch. It has a grey and black lined design in the background in a box with a slide off top. The Nvidia wrap around is on the left side where it is on the right for the aftermarket boxes. The wrap around has the GeForce RTX branding and then at the bottom the bright green background with the model name including the SUPER logo. Around on the back, the box doesn’t have anything going on at all other than the website and a few things in fine print at the bottom.

image 1

image 2

The top of the box slides up and off and has foam inside of it to lock the card into place. The bottom portion has foam cut to the shape of the card as well. There is also a slot which comes with a tray in it for the documentation and accessories. That includes a support guide and a quick start guide. There is also a DisplayPort to DVI adapter.

image 3

image 4


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