Compute Benchmarks

Now some people don’t need a video card for gaming, they need the processing power for rendering or 2D/3D production or in some cases people who game also do work on the side. So it is also important to check out the compute performance on all of the video cards that come in. That includes doing a few different tests. My first test was a simple GPU Compute benchmark using Passmark’s Performance Test 9 and the Gaming OC topped the 2060 Supers and the Windforce OC had a big jump over the Founders Edition. This wasn’t enough to get up closer to the RX 5700 however which was the next highest card.


In Blender, I still haven’t been able to get RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT results yet with a driver bug for the benchmark software. But interestingly enough the Gaming X was faster here than the Gaming OC with the Windforce still out doing the Founders Edition. What I found from my testing was that the Gaming OC with its huge overclock did run into some slowdown on the longer tests that tend to heat things up, especially compute tests which put a consistent load where gaming goes up and down in demand.


In Basemark the Gaming OC was back over the Gaming X but the Windforce came in just behind the Founders Edition here. All of them were ahead of the AMD cards and the RTX 2060 however.


In Geekbench 4.4 the Gaming OC actually came in behind the Windforce OC and the Gaming X. In fact, the Gaming X has a relatively big gap over both cards.



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