VR Benchmarks

As for Virtual Reality, I love it but it is more demanding than traditional gaming. This is partially because of the resolutions needed to render for two eyes and because they render more than what is immediately visible. But also because of post effects to get the proper “fisheye” effect for it to look proper in your eyes with the HMD. You also have to have much higher expectations for frame rates in VR, skipping frames or lower FPS can actually cause motion sickness in VR. Because of that, I ran a few tests.

First I started with Superposition again, using the VR Future and the VR Max settings using the Vives resolution. The Gaming OC’s overclock was enough to pull ahead of the RX 5700 XT on the max setting and well ahead on the future setting. The Windforce, on the other hand, edged out past the Radeon VII where the Founders Edition didn’t at Max and was nearly the same as the Radeon VII on the future setting.


My other tests were using VRMark, specifically the Blue Room and Cyan Room tests. I skipped the Orange Room benchmark because it is a lot less demanding and every card anymore passes in it. Once again the Gaming OC came out on top with an impressive Cyan Room FPS especially being 8 FPS faster than the Founders Edition. The Windforce did well in the Blue room but for some reason was slower than the Founders Edition in the Cyan Room test.



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