It isn’t exactly new to see AMD package and sell some of their reference designs. Cards like the Radeon VII, for example, were only available as a reference design and AMD does run a store selling both their designs and AIC cards as well. They haven’t gone full Nvidia with a special line of cards, the reference cards I’m going to check out today are also sold by their AICs. But It was cool to see them come in with their own AMD branded packaging. They both have a black and red look with a Pokeball like look with the red strip across the middle. They both have similar branding with the exception of the XT on the XT model.

image 1

The RX5700 XT, however, has a different box than the RX 5700. They went full Nvidia here with the split box design. The box is also a lot thicker as well. Inside they have foam in the top and bottom halves to lock the card in place. There is also a slit where they tucked the documentation. The big thing though is the red section that holds the top in place is very short. So once you cut the stickers at bottom ends of the box this box will basically just fall apart all of the time where the Nvidia boxes slide together well. If you are going to toss the packaging later or put it up on a shelf this won’t be an issue. But if you need to put the card back in the box to transport it you might need to tape it shut.

image 2

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The RX 5700’s box isn’t split in half and is a lot like a standard card box. When you slide the inside box out it does have an interesting AMD Radeon logo up on top on a top tray. That tray does have foam on the underside which locks the card under it in place and up on top of the tray, they slipped in the documentation. Overall it isn’t as spectacular to open up or anything, but the foam should keep the card safe, even with abusive shipping.

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