VR Benchmarks

I love VR gaming but it is more demanding than traditional games because of the frame rate that is required for things to feel smooth. To test this there aren’t enough tests that you the reader can also run for comparison so I only have the SteamVR benchmark and VRMark to test with. Hopefully, we see more options soon. The SteamVR test is dated and was just a simple test to make sure a video card can handle the basic VR experience, all of the RTX cards have maxed out this result so there isn’t much to learn from that test.


The VRMark test, on the other hand, lets us look at a few aspects. So orange room is a lower end test similar to the SteamVR test which shows current day basic game performance, blue room is future looking for much more demanding games, and cyan fits in the middle with demanding current day VR game performance. The orange room results are basically off the charts so there isn’t any point in worrying about those. Blue room, well none of the cards have reached the FPS target on it but you can see that the 2060 SUPER is getting up there, falling in between the 2070 FE and the 2070 reference clocked card once again. Then the cyan room shows that with 190 FPS the 2060 SUPER is going to handle anything you throw at it for current day VR titles.



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