Compute Benchmarks

Now some people do use their video cards for other uses like streaming, video production, and 3D modeling. With all of those compute performance is important. So I did run the GTX 1650 through those tests as well. I was curious to see how performance would change considering the GTX 1650 uses the Volta encoder, not the one from Turing it will be interesting to see how that contributes to compute performance.

So my first test was using Passmark’s Performance Test 9. This is a basic GPU Compute test and in this test, the GTX 1650 came out much closer to the RX580 than the RX570.


Now in Blender, which is one of the most popular 3D rendering programs, the GTX 1650 was below the RX580 and RX570 with just the GTX 1060 behind it.


In Basemark GPU as well as Geekbench we get to see DirectX12 and OpenGL performance, as well as OpenCL in Geekbench and in all three the RX570, comes in ahead of the GTX 1650. The gap in Geekbench wasn’t much at all but Basemark DX12 performance was night and day.




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