VR Benchmarks

For VR testing I ran the classic SteamVR benchmark then three tests using VRMark. The Steam VR benchmark is mostly capped out with modern cards but with the GTX 1650 and RX570 we are finally getting down into performance levels that start to show. The GTX 1650 comes in right at the top of the iffy yellow performance area which shows that it will play VR titles but even with todays titles, not all will play. The RX570, on the other hand, was a little higher and at the bottom of the green rating.


In the VRMark benchmarks, the three tests focus on three different game details. The Orange Room test is similar to the SteamVR test where it is current basic games. Cyan is today's games but high detail. Then Blue Room is future looking games. Here we check out the FPS score making sure they are above 110 FPS which is the minimum playable. In the orange room test, the RX570 performed better by over 20 FPS but the GTX 1650 did come in as playable. As I suspected from the SteamVR results the higher detail current games in the cyan room test, however, came in below the 110 FPS needed for both cards but again the RX570 was faster. Then in blue room, the GTX 1650 was slightly faster than the RX570 but none of today's cards reach the goal on that one yet.



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