The box for the Zotac card may look in proportion but it was a small box. It still has the normal Nvidia wrap around that includes the GTX branding and the model name, but because of the boxes size, this takes up a little more space than on most boxes. Zotac still got their branding up in the top left corner and unlike nearly every other company Zotac didn’t need to include any sub-brand or model name. The 6GB VRAM capacity is there as is a tag showing their FireStorm software and that they have an extended warranty, that’s about it for the front. I would love to see a picture of the card on the front rather than the grey on grey on grey design in the background, but that is about it. There is a picture of the card around back where they highlight that this a compact card, is VR Ready, and their Firestorm software again. Beyond that, there is a feature and specification listing. That listing really only shows the basics. They do show that an 8-pin power connection is needed and a list of the display connections which are both important but I would love to see memory and clock speeds as well as card dimensions as well.

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Inside of the box, there is a formed cardboard tray that has the card in it. The card also comes in a static protective bubble wrap bag as well for a little extra protection. Then on top, they have a small pouch with the Zotac Gaming logo on it. Inside of that, you get some documentation. That includes a quick installation guide and a paper that explains where you can get the most up to date drivers. They also show off their MEK gaming PCs which I don’t think anyone buying a video card needs. You also get a Zotac Gaming case sticker.

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