So the box for the Gigabyte GTX 1660 Ti OC 6G didn’t end up being much different from the Windforce RTX 2060 from Gigabyte I just recently reviewed. It has the same huge robot eye on the front that I picked on before for looking like the Asus Strix eye. Seriously though guys, a picture of the card is all we need here. I just want to see what I’m buying ahead of time, even if I buy it in the store. The Nvidia wrap around is down in the bottom right corner with just the model and the GTX/RTX changed. The background is black and you can spot a little orange on the edges from what is used on the sides. The box itself is a little smaller and there are icons down in the bottom left corner showing off the Windforce cooler and that this is an OC card but no RGB this time around. The back of the box has a few important things. For starters, there is a picture of the card that is showing how the Windforce cooler works as well as another showing the backplate. There is also a line drawing of the I/O so you can know ahead of time that this will have the display connections you need.

image 4

image 5

Inside the box, the card comes wrapped up in a static protective bag and then it sits in a thick foam tray that keeps it very protected. There aren’t any accessories included but Gigabyte did include a quick guide and a driver disc. I personally would download those online if you can though.

image 6

image 7


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