VR Benchmarks

For VR testing there just aren’t enough dedicated benchmarks that people with and without headsets can run so sadly I just have the two tests. Even worse, the SteamVR test is quickly becoming useless now that all of the new cards, RTX 2060 included max it out at 11. So all we can see there is that the RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro is capable of VR, but we can’t compare it to any of the other cards. So all of that falls of VRMark where we have three different tests that look at performance of three different game details. The Orange Room test is similar to SteamVR in that it is looking at current day performance in basic games. All three of the tests have a target of 109 FPS that they need to reach to be playable. All of the cards tested reached that in orange room. Blue Room is future looking with high detail and none of the cards have reached the 1090 FPS point with that one yet. Then we have the Cyan Room test which comes in between the two. This looks at high detail modern VR games, not basic or future like the other tests. Here the Gaming OC Pro pulled 170 FPS which was right with the Gaming Z and above the overclocked GTX 1080 11Gbps. Needless to say, this card isn’t going to have any trouble with today's VR titles.



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