The RTX 2060 Gaming Z box gets right to the point with a large picture of the card on the front. I can’t say just how much I love that they did this. I have always hated some of the weird artwork and designs that get used on boxes just to avoid showing you what is actually inside. So if you were shopping in a store you can look at this one and know what it looks like. Most people want to at least know what they are buying, with this you don’t have to look it up online first. Now the rest of the front does have the MSI branding up in the top left and the normal Nvidia wrap around in the bottom right. They also highlight a few features like the Twin Frozr 7 cooling, and other RTX features like Ray Tracing.

image 10

Around on the back, they go into a little more detail with photos of the fans and the heatsink to show what sets the Twin Frozr 7 design apart. The other photo highlights the lighting. Then the bottom half has information from Nvidia on their Geforce Experience that is part of the wrap around. MSI also has a few normal features and then one of the smallest specification listings I have ever seen. All I really want to know to compare from card to card is the clock speed and card dimensions but none of those are included.

image 11

When you pull everything out of the outside box you end up with this black tray with foam on top. Under it is a black envelope with the MSI logo on it. Inside you get a quick user guide for documentation. They also include a software/driver disc but I still recommend downloading the most updated versions of those. Then for fun, you get two MSI themed cup holders and a fold out Lucky the Dragon computer workshop comic which is kind of cool. Lastly, there is also a registration card as well. It would be nice if this also had a sticker with the serial number on it like XFX likes to do, but if you register before putting the card in you can get that info off the card.

image 12

image 13

image 14

Under all of that, the card itself comes in a thick foam tray cut out to fit it. It is also wrapped up in a static protective bag. There aren’t any other accessories like display adapter cables or power cables.

image 15


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