Compute benchmarks

I always like to include a few compute performance tests through our recently updated test suite has been giving me issues in this area. We are back down to two tests because I removed the tests not supported by most cards. The most interesting one though was V-Ray Benchmark that worked great on everything except the RX590 launch driver. Causing a reproducible bluescreen over and over. After talking with my good friend Rob over at Techgage where he was able to duplicate the issue I ran into as well, he explained to me that he has dropped the test from his own testing due to not having proper renders on AMD cards, causing possible performance issues in the test. Check out his coverage HERE.

So here we are with the tried and true Passmark Performance Test 9’s GPU Compute test and the always popular Blender Benchmark. So in the Passmark test, the RX580 and RX590 weren’t as favored as the Nvidia cards with even the stock clocked GTX 1060 coming in faster. Blender, however, was a lot better. The RX590 came in just faster than the GTX 1070, showing the jump from the RX580 and showing that the GTX 1080 isn’t far apart in Blender performance.




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