VR Benchmarks

So VR specific benchmarks are still limited but considering that the RX580 was pushed as being fully VR ready, I was curious how the improved clock speeds would translate to VR performance for the RX590. Well, it was enough to bring the performance up over the GTX 1060 in the SteamVR benchmark going from a 7.5 to 8.2. But the VRMark tests were what I was most interested in. These tests have managed to test current performance with basic VR titles (orange room), current high-end VR performance (cyan room), and then future looking performance (blue room). While the tests do give a score, I prefer the FPS scores that are also given as they also provide target FPS for each test depending on the headset. The Vive has a target of 109 FPS on orange and blue and 88.9 FPS on the cyan test. So how did the RX590 do here? Well for starters it was up over the RX580 in all of the tests and WAY ahead of the GTX 1060. In the Cyan test, it was also up over the GTX 1070 and it reached the target FPS in orange and cyan but none of the cards tested have the power to push the blue room test over the target yet.




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