Synthetic Benchmarks

So as always to start off my testing I like to start with the popular synthetic benchmarks. They don’t tell us what FPS to expect from real in game performance, but they do a good job with consistent tests that allow good comparisons from card to card. A majority of my tests are using 3DMark where UL has benchmarks that cover DX11 and DX12 testing at most popular resolutions. Fire Strike is the DX11 test and those tests range from 1080p (performance), 1440p (extreme), and 4K (ultra). So how did the RX590 do in those three tests? Well at 1080p it did a good job bridging the gap between the RX580 and the GTX 1070. The GTX 1060 wasn’t close here with the RX580 pulling ahead in the past year with driver updates. The RX590 showed a 6.9%  increase here over the RX580. At 1440p the 1060, on the other hand, was still faster by a good margin with the RX580 and RX590 both at the bottom of the chart. There is a noticeable improvement between those two though going from 6860 to 7228, a 5.3% increase. The 4k ultra benchmark wasn’t really all that important because I know this isn’t a 4k focused card, but I did still include the results where we can see there is still a bigger gap here between the RX590 and the GTX 1070.




For 3DMark Time Spy, these are the DX12 focused benchmarks and with DX12 being the focus going forward, these are the most important to keep an eye on. In the original 1080p Time Spy the Fatboy came in between the RX580 and the GTX 1070 as expected. The GTX 1060 was down below the RX580 and the RX580 to RX590 performance increase was 7.1%, close to the same as what I saw with the Fire Strike results. As for the 1440p/extreme results that improvement dropped to 6.3% between the RX580 and RX590 and the GTX 1070 gap is much larger here.



My last synthetic benchmark was the Unigine Superposition benchmark where I tested at two different 1080p settings and then at 4K and 8K for the crazy high future results. The 1080p results were my focus, at 8K the 4 digit results were so low they didn’t even fit on the graph itself lol. But here, like in the other tests, the RX590 came in above the RX580 and below the GTX 1070, with that gap being rather large. The RX580 to RX590 improvement was 5.5% at medium and 7.7% at the extreme detail setting.



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