Compute Benchmarks

The RX 570 isn’t exactly the first card that comes to mind when looking at overall compute performance but I like to check out every card that comes in. I test looking at a few areas that everyday users are more likely to use. The Passmark benchmark is just a look at overall compute performance, then I use CompuBenchCL to check out video composition performance and then Bitcoin mining performance. In Passmark, our first test the Strix RX 570 didn’t do as good as I expected, in fact, it came in below the XFX card with a lower clock speed for some reason. The gap was small though.


In CompuBenchCL the Video Composition benchmark checks out the FPS that the card can render video at and here the Strix RX 570 did better with an FPS of 104.71 putting it just behind the GTX 1060 FE. The Bitcoin benchmark was about on par with the XFX RX 570 with it having a slight edge putting the Strix right in the middle of last years RX 470’s so there wasn’t any improvement here.




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