VR Benchmarks

While the number of VR-focused benchmarks isn’t all that high just yet, I did test using two popular tests. The first is the SteamVR benchmark a simple test from Valve that checks the cards capabilities with current games. Anything above a 6 is playable with the higher the number goes the better it is. The cap is 11 as well. The Strix RX 570 came in at 6.5 and right next to the RX 480 4GB. In my second set of tests, I used VRMarks two benchmarks. The orange room test checks performance of today's VR games and the blue room is future looking, testing performance in an ultra high detail VR environment. The goal is 120 FPS as anything lower isn’t smooth in VR. The Strix RX 570 did great in the orange room test with 142.38 FPS but like everything else failed badly on the blue room test.




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