The Strix RX 570 sticks with a typical Strix look, that means on the front of the box they do have the Strix logo in its multi-color glory. Asus also slipped in a photo of the actual card on to the front, something I wish everyone would do. Beyond that, the Radeon branding is on the bottom right corner along with the ROG logo in the top left. On the back, Asus has split up a few of the features with photos and a short description on each. They touch on the Aura lighting, their 0dB tech, wing blade fans, GPU Tweak II software, and they even mention their new fan connect II where the card itself has a fan header on it. There is also a short specification listing as well as a drawing of the back of the card to show the display connection options.

image 1

image 2

Inside the card comes wrapped up in a static protective bag and then it sits in a foam tray cut to fit the card. On top is another layer of foam for complete protection.

image 3

For documentation, you just get a speed setup guide. There is also a driver disc that also has the GPU Tweak II software on it but as always I suggest downloading both from online to get the most up to date versions. For accessories, the card comes with two ROG themed wire ties and there are two small metal stickers that you can add to the card if you don’t want a monochrome look.

image 4

image 5


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