Compute Benchmarks

For compute testing I had to drop our folding at home tests due to driver issues with Nvidia cards so we no longer have a good way to check out single and double precision performance but I did add in a test from Passmark’s Performance Test 9. This is the GPU Compute test and from the looks of it is a single precision test. The extra clock speed on the Nitro didn’t make any difference so the XFX 580 GTS came in as the fastest RX580 but the RX480 result still baffles me.


Then in CompuBenchCL, I tested video composition and bitcoin to check out specific situations that people would be using their video card that isn't gaming related. In the video composition test, the RX580’s do extremely well coming in just under the 1080 Ti but the Nitro does edge out a touch more than the GTS in that benchmark.  In the Bitcoin mining benchmark things look a little closer to the rest of our benchmarks with cards like the GTX 1070 being faster. The XFX GTS pulled ahead of the Nitro in this test as well.




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