VR Benchmarks

Our VR benchmarking is still very new and frankly, there aren’t enough VR benchmarks available yet but I did still split them off for anyone who is interested. The SteamVR test put the XFX just barely behind the Nitro with a 7.4 score putting it comfortably in the good for VR range. In the VRMark benchmarks though we get a better look. The orange room test looks for modern-day VR performance where the blue room tests for future looking high detail VR performance. The goal is to have 120 FPS or more for smooth gameplay and in the modern test the 580 GTX gets 162.42 FPS, well and above what is needed just like the SteamVR test showed. In the blue room test things were very different with just 26.31 FPS but even the 1080 Ti or two 1080’s in SLI didn’t get close to being playable in that one.




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