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Most of us pick up our video cards specifically for gaming, but there are times where we will sometimes take advantage of having them in other workloads as well. That’s why I like to take a minute to check out the overall compute performance on top of everything else. Normally I like to use Folding at Home but given the Nvidia driver issues for months now I decided to switch things up. I’m also open to other workloads if people have them. But for now, I added in a new test using Passmark’s Performance Test 9. In the 3D test, they have a specific test for GPU Compute so when testing everything I tested in it. It is obviously a single precision test because the Nvidia cards are all at the top. This is why I liked FaH because I could test both double and single precision workloads. Anyhow, I was surprised that the RX480 Nitro pulled ahead here and like similar results in one of our other tests I wonder if it is driver related.


In the CompuBenchCL benchmarks though the RX580 Nitro+ really took off. In the Video Composition benchmark, it came in only behind the GTX 1080 Ti. It’s clear that AMDs driver improvements have really helped in that benchmark. Even in the Bitcoin mining benchmark, it was up just below the GTX 1070’s and out ahead of all of the RX480’s and WELL ahead of the GTX 1060.




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