VR Benchmarks

So our synthetic benchmark section has grown to the point where it couldn’t fit our VR benchmarks anymore. The goal is to expand this coverage more but for now, we just have a few tests that I’m testing for. The SteamVR benchmark is a free benchmark from Valve that takes a basic look at performance and puts each card in three categories. The red is a no go, yellow is okay, and green is good. It’s no surprise that the RX580 Nitro+ was in the green, the older RX480’s were also good for VR. It did gain an extra .3 over the RX480 Nitro+ though, not bad!  


As for VRMark. This one takes a closer look at VR performance across two different tests. The Orange room is similar to what you see for demands with today’s VR games the blue room is future looking to more demanding games. With 120 FPS being needed for ideal gameplay the RX580 Nitro+ performed extremely well, coming in well above both the GTX 1060’s and the RX480’s. The 1060’s did perform a little better in the blue room results but really none of the cards including the 1080 Ti are enough to really push that test yet.



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