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I was really excited to hear that MSI was introducing new ITX cards but then again I’m always happy to hear of more options in the SFF market. Though of the three cards introduced, the GTX 1070 was the most exciting. The GTX 1060 Aero is still a good thing, just a little late to the market where some of their competition had ITX 1060’s available back at launch. Like I said, though, more options are always good and it is really needed this generation. On the AMD side of things, the RX 480 that competes with the GTX 1060 doesn’t have any ITX options, so the 1060 cards have to pick up that slack. The GTX 1060 Aero ended up having good performance, especially at 1080p. The numbers are a little inflated because this card was tested using a newer driver than the launch cards, but it seems on top of the driver improvements MSI did put together a solid performing card. Ignoring its size, it is keeping up and outperforming full sized GTX 1060’s and RX 480’s almost across the board. Really the only competition was from the EVGA GTX 1060 and it is also an ITX card. Because of that one of my main requests would have been for a little more of an overclock out of the box to match what EVGA did with their card.


The card itself looks good and it has a color neutral color scheme, aka all black with a little fake carbon fiber. This is especially good with a lot of boards and cases letting you go with any color using RGB, the 1060 Aero is going to fit in anywhere, both with its size and colors. I also mentioned its power usage in both my pros and cons because it does do much better than any of the AMD RX480’s that are close on performance, but it also could have done better when compared to the other GTX 1060’s.

So is the GTX 1060 6G Aero the card to pick up? Given the direct competition with the EVGA ITX card, it all comes down to the pricing. As of me writing this review, the 1060 Aero isn’t really in the mainstream stores and MSI didn’t have an MRSP for me so I had to go off the one price I could find it at online. That price was $249.99 and it does seem to be about where this card should be. The EVGA is currently on sale for a little less, but its normal price is about the same as the 1060 Aero. Assuming matching pricing it really just comes down to brand preference, they are both great cards and they are both a great pick for a small form factor gaming build.


Live Pricing: HERE

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