Like I said in the opening, I don’t really talk too much about the results. Not to mention, beyond jumping up to a pair of Titan XP’s, this is as good as it gets currently. So it's no surprise that in most of the tests the GTX 1080’s in SLI top the charts. In fact, in a few cases, they completely ruined the charts, making all of the 1080p focused cards hardly show up in the graphs. It also forced me to split up the 3DMark and Catzilla benches as well. That said SLI performance is highly dependent on having SLI support for the game that you are trying to play. I did include all the unsupported game results as well and if you look close you will notice that some of them even perform worse than a single GTX 1080. Something to keep in mind when considering going SLI.

Synthetic Benchmarks

graph 1

graph 2

graph 3

graph 4

graph 6

graph 7

graph 8

graph 9

graph 10


Synthetic Benchmark Without SLI Support

graph 5


In Game Benchmarks with SLI Support

graph 13

graph 14

graph 19

graph 20

graph 21

graph 22

graph 23

graph 24

graph 25

graph 27


In Game Benchmarks Without SLI Support

graph 11

graph 12

graph 15

graph 16

graph 17

graph 18

graph 26


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