Compute Benchmarks

So the RX 460, isn’t really the card you are going to be looking for when setting up a Bitcoin farm or anything like that. But I did still run it through our normal compute benchmarks because I was curious if it would still end up being a good card to help with video editing. But first I tested with Folding at Home in both single and double precision. In both tests the newer drivers and additional vRAM helped pulled the Slim out ahead of the Gigabyte RX 460, especially in the single precision benchmark where it had a big jump.



So the bitcoin results were about what I expected, but in the video composition testing that I was most curious about, the 460 Slim actually did very well. It outperformed cards like the GTX 1050 Ti and even the GTX 780. It's not a chart topper or anything, but for a single slot card with no additional power connections it looks to be a bit of a sleeper.




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